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Get Consistent Lightroom Edits using the EPOPPLS Method

From Drab to Drool Worthy, this 5 step method will give your photos the polished finish they need to stand out without any extra tools or complicated instruction.

I'm Raymond Hatfield, Wedding Photographer of 10 years and Host of the Beginner Photography Podcast. Consistency in your editing is the #1 thing that sets beginners apart from professional photographers. But you don't need to spend $$$$ on fancy monitors, color calibrators, or a better camera to get amazing results. You just need a little guidance and an easy to follow 5 step formula that I want to share with you in this FREE 5 Day Email Challenge!

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  • The one setting on your computer that will make or break your final photo
  • The real reason why Lightroom presets will never be a 1 click solution and how you can take control of your editing
  • The surprising trick to get color accurate photos that beginners always miss
  • How new photographers sabotage their edits and how you can avoid the same mistake
  • What built in Lightroom tool sped up my editing times by more than 620%

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[Raymond does] a great job explaining advanced topics in way anyone can understand. My photos use to be all over the place with weird colors or photos that were too dark or too bright and now they all have a cohesive look that has given me the confidence to start charging for my work!

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